SECTA Dress Code

Dress-CodeThe SECTA dress code is in accordance with CCSD Regulation 5131 and the specific needs of SECTA.  Proper attire is to be worn to school by all students to foster the best environment for learning. To ensure that students observe basic rules of personal hygiene and dress in a manner that would not disrupt the educational process, the specific requirements and prohibitions are listed as follows:

  1. Requires the wearing of shoes with soles.  This prohibits moccasins, bedroom slippers and beach attire.
  2. Prohibits the wearing of transparent clothing; low cut, bare midriff, strapless, and spaghetti strapped tops.  All straps, including basketball jerseys, must have three-inch shoulder coverage.  Clothing with slits and outfits that provide minimum coverage are prohibited.  Sleeveless shirts with x-large armholes are prohibited. (When arms are raised to shoulder level and bare midriff is exposed, the shirt needs to be replaced.)
  3. Undergarments, including bra, straps should not be visible at any time.
  4. Requires that all shorts, skirts and dresses be at five inches from top of knee cap. Requires shirts to be fingertip length with leggings. No spandex, biker, or form fitting shorts may be worn.
  5. Prohibits slogan or advertising on clothing, which by their controversial or obscene in nature disrupts the educational setting. Colors worn for the express purpose of identifying gang affiliation (includes hair beads, shoe laces, belts, R.I.P. shirts, shirts with nicknames) that may cause a disruption on campus are prohibited from the educational environment.  SECTA operates as a neutral site.
  6. Prohibits the wearing of sunglasses, or any type of glasses that may detract from the educational environment or cause a disruption on campus.
  7. Prohibits the wearing of metal chains that could endanger the safety of others.
  8. Prohibits the wearing of sagging pants or any pants that allows boxer shorts or underwear to show; pants that are obviously too small or too large than the student would normally wear; pants that without a belt would fall off the student when walking in a normal gait; and pants considered to be pajama bottoms.
  9. Prohibits the wearing of hats and all head gear (including head bands, beanies, hoodies, hair no more than  3” in  height, hair nets, bandanas, or “do rags” whether they are in the hair or hanging out of a pocket.)
  10. Prohibits the wearing of loose suspenders and belts.  Suspenders and belts must be fastened in accordance with the design of the garment.  Only plain buckles and belts are allowed with no more than six inches of excess belt.
  11. Prohibits the wearing of rings and/or jewelry that could endanger the safety of others (i.e., rings with spikes, dog collars, spiked bracelets, sweatbands, back packs).
  12. Prohibits spiked facial piercing that could be distracting to environment or endanger the safety to self and others.
  13. Prohibits the wearing of pants, skirts, and shorts that have holes where skin is exposed. Frayed clothing will be determined by Administrator(s).
  14. The principal shall retain the authority to grant exceptions for special occasions and/or special conditions.

Any student violating the dress code will not be allowed to attend class, until the student is in proper dress code attire.  The parent/guardian of the student will be notified of the dress code violation.  The progressive consequences of Dress Code Violations are as follows:

  • Violation 1 – Verbal Warning
  • Violation 2 – Written Warning
  • Violation 3 – Lunch Detention
  • Violation 4 – After School Detention
  • Violation 5 – Two Day After School Detention
  • Violation 6 – RPCT/Disregard School Rules
  • Violation 7 – One Day Suspension (Disregard School Rules)

We have a limited supply of shorts and shirts that may be loaned to students who do not have appropriate attire.  Students who do not return the shirt in a timely manner will be fined $5.00.

Revised 8/14