Southeast Tech Student Success

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  1. Find your passion and work towards reaching your dreams and your goals.
  2. Demonstrate a positive work ethic by coming to school every day on time, be willing to take direction, and be motivated to accomplish the task at hand in the time allowed. Always meet your deadlines.
  3. Demonstrate integrity and abide by school policies and demonstrate honesty and reliability.
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  4. Demonstrate teamwork skills and contribute to the success of the team, assist others, and request help when needed.
  5. Demonstrate positive self-representation skills by dressing appropriately and using language and manners suitable for school and the workplace.
  6. Demonstrate diversity awareness by working well with teachers and classmates.
  7. Demonstrate conflict-resolution skills by negotiating diplomatic solutions to interpersonal and workplace issues. Seek assistance when it is warranted.
  8. Architecture-Small-IMG_8950rDemonstrate creativity and resourcefulness by contributing new ideas and working with initiative.
  9. Demonstrate neatness and attention to detail in all work you produce to ensure your academic success.

 Take responsibility for your actions

Late Work Policy