SECTA Late Work Policy

TimeAt SECTA, we recognize the importance of teaching students that deadlines are real whether they are in school or in the workplace. One of the tenets for SECTA Student Success is to make sure that work is done and turned in on time in order to be successful. Colleges and bosses do not accept late work and as we prepare students for college and/or the workplace, it is important students understand the value of finishing the task at hand in the time allowed.

The homework policy at SECTA is as follows:

  • NO LATE WORK for class assignments beyond the designated due date
  • Absence: missed school follows district policy. For every day a student is absent, they have three days to make arrangements with the teacher to establish a reasonable timeline to turn in the missing assignment.
  • This policy does not affect re-take policies per teacher.
  • This policy supports  Career and Technical Education Employability Standards

Successful students demonstrate a positive work ethic by coming to school every day on time, they are willing to take direction, and the are motivated to accomplish the task at hand in the time allowed. Always meet your deadlines.