Cooperative Work Experience

Man Working on Personal ComputerJuniors and Seniors, don’t forget that if you have a job, you can earn elective credit by signing up for Cooperative Work Experience any time during the semester, as long as you will have worked a minimum of 270 hours before school ends. How does Work Experience help you? 

#1 – Raises your grade point average
By passing your related coursework, performing well at work and submitting 270 hours of pay stubs, you have a chance of earning an “A” for this semester course.

#2 – Resume
You can add your work experience to your resume, which shows you are developing new skills and makes you more employable after high school.

#3 – Networking
You are meeting new people in industry and they can become mentors for you and help you with your career goals.

#4 – Promotions
If you do a good job, you may be eligible for promotions at work.  After graduation from high school this can help you support yourself while you go to college or seek additional technology training.

#5 – Letters of referral
When you apply to college/technology training, you can ask your employer for a letter of referral, which will allow college admissions counselors the chance to see how you perform in the real world and the skills you have developed that can help you in college.

#6 – Gain real life experience
You can apply the theory you are learning in your program classes to real life work and this will help you understand your course work better and allow you to be more creative by thinking of new and better ideas for class projects.

#7 – Coaching from Program Instructors
The Cooperative Education (Work Experience) Coordinator will visit employers to ask them for two evaluations during a semester and submit these to your program instructor.  Your program instructor can then work with you to refine your skills and/or help you further develop your skills.

#8 – Supports your CTE Program
Work Experience is set up primarily to support your Career and Technical Program with practical work experience in the business community.

#9 – Save for college/technology institutes
If you are working and getting paid, it will help you save for college/advanced tech training and future expenses.

#10 – New careers and Marketing skills
Jobs help you make decisions about careers you may or may not want to explore. Every job trains you to be a better sales and marketing person so if you decide to open your own business and/or be an entrepreneur, you will have more knowledge about how to sell and market your business.

Please see Mrs. Wooten or Mrs. Thomas in the Career Center for a Work Experience application packet.  It is a very simple process and only takes a few minutes of your own time to fill out the packet, get a training agreement signed, bring in your check stubs for proof of hours worked and earn the credit by good work evaluations!  That’s all!

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