Spirit Week – April 24th-28th

This Spirit Week is for Prom and the Assembly.
The theme for Prom is Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night”,
so our spirit days tie into his work.


Monday’s painting is “Bedroom in Arles” so it is Pajama Day!  Click to read more about Bedroom in Arles.

Spirit week - Tuesday

Tuedsay’s painting is “Self Portrait with bandaged Ear” so it is Fake An Injury Day!  Click to read more about Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear painting.

Spirit week - wednesdayWednesday‘s painting is A Pair of Shoes.  So our twist on that is it’s Vans Gogh Day and bust out your Vans gear!  Click to read a bit more on A Pair of Shoes.

Spirit week - thursdayThursday’s Painting is “Farmhouse in a Wheatfield” which makes it Country Day, put on you best overalls and straw hats!  See more about the famous Farmhouse in a Wheatfield painting here.

Spirit week - FridayFriday’s work is “The Sower”, a mixture of colors for Class Colors Day.  See more about the painting The Sower. There are still a few class shirts left so make sure to get yours for the years last spirit assembly!  

Remember, all spirit wear must adhere to the Dress Code.