Student Organization of Latinos

2015-16 SOL Officers


Christina Buckner

Meeting Day and Time
Wednesdays at 6:40 am

Meeting Place
Upper Gym

Student Organization of Latinos serves the community through a variety of services. Our main focus is to promote Hispanic heritage by aiding the Hispanic community and celebrating Hispanic Heritage week. Our dedicated members spend their time performing services that improve our community.

Once students become members of SOL, they signup for community service projects during meetings. Community services projects are usually held Saturdays. Points are given to those members who attend community service projects and/or help at fundraising activities held during lunch. In addition we give points for members to attend school wide events such as games and Open House.

Towards the end of the year, a trip to Six Flags is awarded to those members who have shown exemplary commitment to the club, attended at least three community services events, and are in good academic standing at SECTA.

2015-16 Officers

Yvette Diaz - President

Yvette Diaz

Vice President
Maria Gomez


Sandra Casanova


Gabrielle Cardenas


Tania Sanchez


Monica Jimenez


Reyes Bencomo


Jason Lopez


SOL Chocolates

SOL Chocolates

All seniors who are selling chocolates for stoles, the money is due to the banker by Friday, March 17. Also, the seniors who are not selling chocolates need to pay $60 to Mrs. Buckner in P33 by Friday, March 17. If you do not turn in your money to the banker or Mrs. Buckner, you will not receive a SOL stole. If you do not turn in the chocolate money, you will get a fine slip and that may hinder your graduation.

No Dance Marathon

No Dance Marathon

Attention SOL and Key Club members: Our school is NOT participating in the dance marathon at UNLV tomorrow on March 4. If you go, you will be turned away at the door. Please see your club officers, advisers, or Google Classrooms for details.

No SOL Meeting

No SOL Meeting

There will be no SOL meeting this week. Happy holidays and see you next year on Wednesday. If you still need proof of community service, come get a form from Mrs. Buckner in P33.

Hispanic Dance Cancelled

Hispanic Dance Cancelled

Due to an emergency, the Hispanic dance has been cancelled. If you have already purchased a ticket, you can get your money back from Mrs. Buckner in P33.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we will read a trivia question on the morning announcements.  If you know the answer, go to Ms. Malen in the admin portables and fill out the answer sheet.  On the following week we will announce the winners and they will receive a prize.

  • Monday 10/9/16 –  Trivia questions  start
  • Tuesday 10/10/16 – Play spanish music during both lunches
  • Wednesday 10/11/16 – “Grito” contest
  • Thursday 10/12/16 – Students will perform a hispanic dance during both lunches


Hey SOL members!!! Wednesday’s meeting on September 28th is worth points. Come and show your support! you will sign in for points and we have a guest speaker!