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Southeast Tech participated in the Hour of Code on Monday, Dec. 7th along with over 100 million students across the globe. This was Computer Science Week and and the entire school participated in the largest educational initiative to help students become aware and inspired in Computer Science.

60% of the jobs in our future will require some form of programming, so this was an important event for all students and teachers to get on board and start learning!


During the Career Tech or Tools/Health class, students went to assigned labs in the school to participate in this learning event.  Afterwards students are encouraged to continue using the resources presented and to think about how programming will interface with their Career Tech Major.  This is just the beginning for some, for others it will be an extension and/or a reminder about the future of our world and the need for strong logical skills.

Want to learn more, check out hourofcode.com and code.org

Want to learn more, check out hourofcode.com and code.org