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Qualified students are selected in a randomized lottery after the application deadline. All students are notified of results in a letter sent through the mail. Results will also be available online in the application database at the following website: Students must turn in their acceptance letter to their school in which they are accepting a seat or accept the seat through the application database.

Once the seat has been accepted, students cannot accept a seat at any other campus or for any other program. All accepted students will be required to attend Registration Day to complete all necessary paperwork for enrollment, meet with counselors and register for classes. Registration day is currently scheduled for March 25th.

Any applicant who was not selected during the initial lottery is placed in an alternate pool. Vacant seats, as they become available, will be assigned to students in the alternate pool, through a computerized, random selection prior to the end of the first week of each school year.

 **When a student accepts a seat, the student is committing to Southeast Tech for at least ONE year. The student will be unable to change his/her major once school has started.




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